Personal Tonal Vibration
©Amanda Hauk


The initial intent of this assignment is to realize the full potential of your own sound. Once you have become accustomed to the exercise you may use it for personal healing, chakra alignment, and other focuses of intent. If you feel you need to, start working with just the breathing components, and build from there over a matter of time.

To Begin
Skyclad, take yourself to a safe, quiet space. This can be either indoors or outdoors. Bring with you a sheet or blanket large enough to cover your whole body, and something to lie upon. Spread the ground cloth out, and drape yourself in the remaining shroud. At this point you may do whatever you feel necessary to cleanse the space - banishing ritual, circle casting, etc.

Once the cleansing has been established, lie face up on the ground cloth. Take the other fabric and cover yourself. This cloth can cover you from the crown of your head to past your feet, or it can cover from your mouth past your feet - depending on the weight of the sheet/blanket, and your personal comfort.

Personal Energy Circle
Close your mouth. Begin to take long, slow breaths through your nose.
Visualize a strong sphere around you.
Inhale - gathering the energy within you, and exhale - pushing energy upward to the sky
Inhale - gathering the energy within you, and exhale - pushing energy towards the ground
Inhale - gathering the energy within you, and exhale - pushing energy to your right
Inhale - gathering the energy within you, and exhale - pushing energy to your left
The energy that you send out will not travel infinitely, but rather stop at the sphere and spread out to create your personal circle. This circle will not fade until you bring it back into yourself. When you have successfully created the sphere, turn your focus towards breathing.

The Sevenfold Breath
Make sure your exhalation remains the same length as your inhalation
1st breath - Feel the air entering your nostrils
2nd breath - Feel the air traveling down your windpipe
3rd breath - Feel the air filling your lungs
4th breath - Feel the air expanding your diaphragm
5th breath - Feel the air swelling in your lower belly
6th breath - Feel the air coursing through your legs
7th breath - Feel the air entering through the soles of your feet

Having reached a balance between the inward and outward flow of breath, maintain that harmony for the rest of the exercise.

Tonal Vibration
Keeping your mouth closed, inhale. Next, rather than an exhalation, hum in the natural tone of your vocal instrument. Establish a strong tonal sound - remember, this is all about you. Have both the inhalation and tonal hum last the same length of time. Bear in mind that the silent moments of inhalation are just as important as those of tonal humming - use the inhalations to sense the energy you are creating.

Begin to move the energy of the tonal vibrations down your body with your breath. Make sure to add each new vibrating piece like building blocks to create a whole:
With the tonal energy, vibrate your face
Deepen that to vibrate your whole head
Vibrate your neck
Vibrate your throat
Vibrate your shoulders
Vibrate your arms
Vibrate your hands
Vibrate your heart
Vibrate your chest
Vibrate your solar plexus
Vibrate your abdomen
Vibrate your lower belly
Vibrate your sex
Vibrate your root
Vibrate your thighs
Vibrate your knees
Vibrate your lower legs
Vibrate your feet
Vibrate the soles of your feet

Create a continual loop of tonal vibration, keeping the inhalations and tonal exhalations constant, starting with the soles of your feet, and carrying it up through the crown of your head.

When you feel you are ready, push that tonal vibration outward from every part of your body until it hits your energy sphere. The tonal will then reflect off of the sphere and back into you. Continue this for as long as you feel necessary.

To Conclude
When you are ready to begin the conclusion of this exercise, bring the tonal energy away from your personal circle and back into your body. Use two to four cycles of breath and tone to center yourself. Once fully centered shift back to pure breath without the tonal hum, bring your focus to the energy circle around you. With the breath bring in the energy from the top, from the bottom, from the right side and from the left side. Center yourself once again, and ground. If you had invoked a working circle, this would be the time to take it down.

Reflect and record your experience.



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